Rare Beatles Clothing Up for Sale

gorge ringo suitIt’s hard to believe that more than 50 years since they first became famous, the Beatles are still amazingly popular with the public.  They continue to sell millions of albums every year, Paul McCartney and Ringo Starr still sell out concerts when they play live, and collectors still have a lot of interest in rare items related to the 1960s band.

One would think that with the two surviving bandmembers now in their mid-70s, that most collectors would have either died off or lost interest by now, but sales of anything related to the Fab Four remain strong.

We will soon see how strong those sales are in an upcoming auction to be held by Heritage Auctions, an auction company based in Dallas, Texas.

Heritage sells all manner of collectible items, from real estate to jewelry, to entertainment memorabilia to fine art.

And next month, on November 11, they will be selling some items of clothing that belonged to three of the four members of the Beatles.

The most noteworthy of the items is probably a blue sweater that was worn by Paul McCartney during some 1973 performances in the UK.  The blue sweater features a wings logo to represent the band he had at the time.  It’s very much a piece of its era, and not likely something that a prospective buyer would want to wear today.  Still, were it to be framed, it would be quite obvious what it was and what it represents.

On the downside, it represents an era of McCartney’s career that came after the dissolution of the band, which broke up in early 1970.  The opening bid for this item is $8000.

beatles autographsAlso for sale is a “suit,” though it’s a mixed one, consisting of a suit jacket that belonged to George Harrison and a pair of trousers that belonged to the band’s drummer, Ringo Starr.  They’re being offered together as a lot, and perhaps that is fitting, as the two band members wore those items during their second American tour in 1965.

The jacket has a custom label that says “George Beatle” inside, and Ringo’s pants have a custom label, as well.  Minimum bid on this odd pairing of jacket and pants is $50,000.  No word on where Ringo’s jacket or George’s trousers might be today, though they’d make an equally odd pairing at auction should the two of them ever turn up.

Personal items that belong to the former Beatles tend to sell for sometimes surprising amounts of money.  Many of their records also sell for huge sums, but the records are far more common than otherwise one-of-a-kind items such as jewelry, handwritten music lyrics, or items of clothing.  Handwritten lyrics to their songs have sold for as much as $1 million at auction.

The auction on November 11 will also feature some rare records by the Beatles and other artists, a photo autographed by all four band members, as well as posters and other rock and roll-related memorabilia.  If you are interested in these items, or if you just cannot live without owning George/Ringo’s suit, then you can find more details at the Heritage Auctions Website.

Just in case you have forgotten, here is a video of the Beatles performing on the Ed Sullivan show in 1964:

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