Pop Culture and Halloween

fake newsHalloween came and went a week ago, and we really should have been on top of this, but sometimes, other things get in the way.  Halloween is a particularly popular day in the United States, when children go out to trick-or-treat dressed in costume.

Most children dress in “classic” costumes, such as that of a witch or a ghost or a hobo, and many like to buy pre-made costumes depicting their favorite characters from a movie, book, or television program.  We had someone at our door this year who was dressed as Nala from The Lion King, for example.

For children, popular culture, at least in the form of entertainment, seems to drive their interest in Halloween costumes, and the costume industry is undoubtedly grateful, as those children (or their parents) spend millions of dollars every year to dress up their children like Harry Potter or Wonder Woman.

Adults like to dress in costume, as well.  They tend not to go trick-or-treating, but they do like to attend Halloween parties, and many like to show up for those parties in costume.

You’re not likely to see adults showing up for parties dressed as Don Draper or Homer Simpson, though.  Adults, at least the clever ones, do embrace popular culture when it comes time to dress up for Halloween.  But they’re more likely to take their cues from what’s appearing on the news, rather than what’s appearing on their favorite television programs or showing at the local movie theater.

Here are a few examples of some popular-culture-driven Halloween costumes for adults that we saw, heard about, or read about this year:

Fake news – Fake news has been, well, in the news a lot during the past year.  First, it came out that many people who had voted in the 2016 Presidential elections might have had their opinions swayed by news stories that weren’t actually news, but were fabricated stories that were intended to give the impression that they were real.  Then, the real President began using the term “fake news” to refer to any news story that he felt portrayed him in a negative light.  Regardless, you can, if you like, dress as fake news by wearing a fake news dress.

bunnyPregnant Kylie Jenner – Not everyone follows the adventures of the Jenner clan, but if you do, you’ll know that Kylie Jenner recently announced that she is expecting.  For some people, this is a Really Big Deal, and if you’re one of those, you can buy this costume and pretend that you’re Ms. Jenner herself.

Playboy Bunny – With the recent passing of Playboy founder Hugh Hefner, lots of women took the opportunity to dress up as a Playboy Bunny for Halloween.  Sexy costumes have been in vogue for decades, and this iconic look has long been a popular one.  All you’d need to go as Hef himself, of course, would be a smoking jacket and a pipe…and a bunny to keep you company, of course.

All of this will seem obsolete by the time next Halloween comes around.  By then, we’ll have a new set of memes to wear.



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