Long Lines Form for iPhone X

iphone xIf you failed to order your iPhone X online and were hoping to grab one in stores this week, you may be out of luck.  A surprising number of people had exactly that idea, and reportedly, lines at Apple stores around the world are the longest they’ve been for a new iPhone introduction in at least three years.

At Apple’s store on Fifth Avenune in New York, there were reportedly more than 800 people in line waiting to buy the new iPhone X, which offers advanced facial recognition technology as well as a bigger screen that extends to the edge of the phone.

While a few reviewers had quibbles with the rounded edges, which can interfere with viewing when watching a widescreen movie, and the “notch” in the screen for the camera, the reviews for the iPhone X have mostly been positive.

That of course, comes from the people who actually have one.  The iPhone X was announced some two months ago along with the iPhone 8.  The iPhone 8 became available virtually immediately, but the release of the iPhone X was scheduled for November.  A lot of buyers who were eager to upgrade their phones have opted to wait for the iPhone X despite the high price tag of $1000.

In New York, that 800 person line was said to be moving slowly, as fire marshals were restricting the number of people who could enter the store at one time.  Reports from Apple stores around the world were suggesting that the phones were in relatively short supply and that nearly all stores would sell out their supplies today.

More will come, of course, and Apple has ramped up production in response to larger than expected demand.  When the iPhone X first became available for order online, supplies sold out in just 30 minutes.

The increased production appears to be working, as people who ordered online and were initially told that they would not receive their phones until December are now receiving notices saying that they will likely receive their package sometime later this month.

iphone xOf course, not everyone who was waiting in line was waiting to purchase a phone for themselves.  It has become a common practice in recent years for people who want the new phones but don’t want to wait in like to pay other people to wait for them.  They get the phone, but then they have to pay the person who was waiting for them, effectively raising the price of the phone to well over its already-high price.

Buyers don’t seem to care.

If you really, really want an iPhone X and you don’t want to wait in line and you didn’t order one over the Internet, you can always buy one from resellers.   A quick check on eBay shows that the iPhone X is readily available there, and there are currently several thousand of them for sale.

You won’t necessarily get a bargain, however.  The least expensive model we saw for sale there was $1200, and one confident seller was asking $25,000 for theirs.

They were, however, offering free shipping, so there’s that.